About PoleCompare
PoleCompare is an independent pole comparison and review site, based in the UK, designed to help you find, or research, your new, or used, pole. We search all the top manufacturers to bring you a comprehensive list of details and prices. We present pole specifications, ratings, polls, comparison tables, viewing statistics and include comments and reviews from our visitors to help you make the best choice, at the best price.

PoleCompare is an essential web resource for you to look up the information you need when looking for a new, or used, pole. Our growing database contains details of hundreds of poles to help you save time and money.

Why use PoleCompare?
  • We spend hours researching poles, prices, and new developments so you can make the best decision when you buy a new pole.
  • We compare poles from a wide range of manufacturers and compare prices so you can quickly and easily find the right pole at the best price.
  • We don’t just compare prices; We show you specifications, package details, statistics as well as comments from real people.
  • We are completely independent from all the pole manufacturers listed on this site. This means we can present unbiased information about what is good, or bad, about a pole.
What could we do better?
We are always happy to hear any suggestions, criticisms or comments as to how we could improve the site and the service we offer, so please do not hesitate to contact us