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Daiwa Air - Reviews, Ratings & Specifications.
Daiwa Air
Target Price:
741 votes
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16.00 metres
Max. Elastic:
Power Top 2s:
Match Top 3s:
Match Top 4s:
Short No. 4s:
Half Extensions:
Cupping Kits:
It is well recognised that at Diawa we have the best pole an angler can get. However what we have not given you is the best pole that we can make. Our designers have gone 'beyond the book' and taken carbon technology to it's outer limits to create the Daiwa AIR. It's design embraces and internal core of Hyper MSG; a new low resin, high modulus material is exclusive to the AIR. This delivers on two fronts bringing enhanced stiffness for improved recovery and greater buckling strength for stronger walls. Combining this makes its use at extensive lengths an absolute dream. The 13m is simply sublime. Complimenting this leap in performance is the combination of Diamond Sating and the improved ITS system, ensuring trouble free shipping and unshipping.
1 x Air 16.00 Metre Pole
4 x Power Top 2
2 x Match Top 3
3 x Match Top 4
1 x Cupping Kit
1 x Half-Extension
1 x Daiwa Holdall
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Daiwa Air

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This pole has 24 reviews / comments
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User rating  
741 votes
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Daiwa Air - Reviews and Comments.
This Competition pole has been rated 2.1 stars (out of 5) and has 24 reviews / comments. 741 votes.
  • Review by mike Aug 22, 2015

    HI look all poles in the 2000 + are good we all no that ,,,,,,BUT the Daiwa Air at 14m + is better than all poles out there i have had a 901 good pole tricast pro 2 good pole nothing wrong with them BUT 14m to 16m+ they do not come close to Daiwa Air

  • Review by Carl morris Aug 11, 2015

    I've had my air a while now and it's got to be said it's as strong as an ox!! People saying oh it's not worth the extra cash!pppppft are you having a laf it's the best pole in the market nothing comes close to it in anyway!! The backup from daiwa is awesome and you can have a brand new section the day after!!! As for any maver pole being better than the air your a very deluded person!! How long would it take to get a spare number 9 for a maver!? About 3 month is my guess! I love my air and I've had all the top flagship poles over the last few year! And I'll stay with daiwa for good now!!!! Great job daiwa and keep up the good work!!

  • Review by Phil Jun 19, 2015

    I've used the Air for 12 months had the opportunity to use most poles. In my opinion this is the best out there fishing a lot long 16m handling carp to 18lb or 6oz roach.
    Most mid price poles with good top kit packages to 13m are excellent so if your fishing 13m ish you don't spend the extra on this pole. Have a holiday.
    Not a fan of the power no2 so only use the match 2 in mine and find the length of the kits perfect
    Don't really have the need to fish short 4 s but if there irequired, fishing to to island length etc it's just as good True it's expensive but like anything you pay more for quality sometimes. This is

  • Review by Ford295 Jun 16, 2015

    Just upgraded to the Air from a Maver 421. It feels in a different class. Lighter, stiffer and it certainly feels stronger. I can't compare it to others in the same price range as I don't feel that a wiggle in a pole ally tells you very much. This is my first move away from Maver and I have complete confidence in the Air, second put in on the maiden outing resulted in a Chubb of about 4lbs being played on the top kit after a wrap round, no drama or fuss. The finish looks great and I am already in love with it.

  • Review by nick May 27, 2015

    When buying a top end pole its important to remember what you plan to use it for. For the bigger carp I'd consider the air, super legion, 801 and either of the new top sensas 900 range; the 974 and 984. The air, the legion and 984 aren't as strong (despite the 984 elastic rating of 20) although still strong enough for the large carp and make up for this by being lighter and easier to ship in and out. Then there are poles for lighter fishing; small carp, f1's and silver. These are softer but lighter and much nicer to hold at long lengths but not as strong. The the air, super legion and 984 also fall in this category (they are amazing all round poles) also the acolyte and the z12 or 14(same pole different dolly butts) and finally the MAP 901. I've held all except the new senas poles and mentioned them based on an opinion from a friend that has. Before you buy a pole, hold it and remember it has to suit your fishing. My personal choice would be either the 801, the legion, or the sensas 984 or 974. The air is defiantly not as stiff as it should be for the price

  • Review by D Apr 30, 2015

    Just ordered the 16m package, I just hope it has good has its made out to be,,, I paid 3350. This is the cheapest I found.

  • Review by powerhauller Apr 30, 2015

    had both 901 and air similar to 13m both mega however as 901 is fatter at tip end the weight is more at the tip and the daiwa steams ahead as you get loner the pole feels lighter as the weight distribution is closer to your hand and the feel is therefore lighter and quicker beter balance , but for 700 MORE IT DEPENDS WHAT YOU WANT, IF U D LOT OF LONG FISING GO FOR AIR, PACKAGE IS GOOD ON BOTH.

  • Review by ste Apr 13, 2015

    I have got 2 airitys dont say nothing ha thinking of selling them to buy an air . is it worth the change

  • Review by Geordie Jan 30, 2015

    Not a bad bole but there is a new kid on the block taking the crown and its the Maver Signature 1000.
    What a piece of kit Maver have pulled out all the stops on this one which reflects on the
    3000+ price tag but worth every penny.
    Its light stiff and strong every ones dream.

  • Review by Graham Howard Jun 9, 2014

    With a lot of pretenders to the crown of best pole in the world, it's a tough category. But there is only one at the end of the day, and this is it! Lightness is nothing without control and the tip recovery is unbelievable! Just holding the AIR will have you shaking your head and wondering if you're as good as the pole makes you look! The finish and quality is unrivalled and it ships perfectly when wet. I've yet to feel like I've got anywhere near the potential of this pole, even having fish to over 15lbs at the Viaduct I felt as if it was asking me, is that all you've got? The package of spares caters for a broad range of fishing and isn't as concentrated on Carp as some poles but believe me when I say that the AIR is more than up to the job.
    I hear a lot about Diawa owners being sheep etc, etc. But us 'sheep' buy Diawa for reason. Only one of those reasons is the after sales service. You won't find better. It doesn't matter what pole you get it WILL break or wear out at some point and you'll want to be back in action ASAP.
    Jealousy is an ugly thing and I've found out there's a lot of ugly people about since buying one. But who cares? If you have the budget, then go for it. You won't regret it

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