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Daiwa Connoisseur G20 - Reviews, Ratings & Specifications.
Daiwa Connoisseur G20
Connoisseur G20
Target Price:
799 votes
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16.00 metres
Max. Elastic:
Power Top 2s:
Match Top 3s:
Match Top 4s:
Short No. 4s:
Half Extensions:
Cupping Kits:
Offering the same responsiveness, power and handling of its predecessor, the G20 offers a bigger kit package and two new innovations. Firstly, it is supplied with two of the new Multi Bore Kits. This system is a range of four equal length top twos all pre set for PTFE diameters of 2.4mm through to 5.3mm, thus allowing you to keep your kits the same length. Benefitting too from the ITS taping on the 5, 6 and 7 it also features the new Diamond Satin finish on the bigger 8, 9, 10 & butt sections. This exclusive new treatment delivers a microscopic texture that prevents direct sticking of your skin to the section surface in wet and dry circumstances. Also supplied with three spare and one fitted, match top three you effectively have six kits at your disposal. Add to that Tournament cupping too.
1 x Connoisseur G20 16.00 Metre Pole
3 x Match top 3
2 x 4mm power kits
1 x Cupping kit
1 x Holdall
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790g @ 13m


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Daiwa Connoisseur G20

This pole has been viewed 47392 times
This pole has 43 reviews / comments
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User rating  
799 votes
1 2 3 4 5
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Daiwa Connoisseur G20 - Reviews and Comments.
This All-Round pole has been rated 2.55 stars (out of 5) and has 43 reviews / comments. 799 votes.
  • Review by Ian Jan 10, 2015

    On the subject of the side bushes, the originals are poor ( I had a couple of instances where the elastic frayed), I replaced them with a Middy Pulla bush which is 100% PTFE...problem solved!

  • Review by Geoff Oct 20, 2014

    I agree. You don't need a roller but it might be worth replacing the Daiwa bushes that come with the pole (Apparently they are poor quality). I don't have a roller in any of my top kits and they work just fine. I have recently fitted a Vespe stripper bush (http://www.vespe.com/cms/en/strip) and I think they are spot on.

  • Review by stan Oct 20, 2014

    Hi, Harry on may 1st states that with hydro you dont need a roler where the elastic comes out of the 2nd section of the pole what does anyone else think?

  • Review by Jason b Aug 24, 2014

    After not owning a diawa pole before i must say that the g20 is a superb pole i have landed loads of double figure carp with this pole and
    it has always been up to the job

  • Review by Ian Jun 9, 2014

    Bought one of these a couple of months ago, having retired my trusty XR3. It's all that Daiwa claim,and a very good pole for the money. There have been comments about the joints coming loose in use, and to be fair this does happen, but for me it's only been when using the pole at long lengths for a protracted period. I've now got used to occasionally checking the joints as I ship out, which is no problem. And in all fairness I've had this with other poles. All in all a great pole.

  • Review by Nf May 8, 2014

    No it doesn't need alot of cutting back it all depends what size bush your putting in it. Fantastic pole

  • Review by James F May 2, 2014

    Does it require much cutting back on the top kits to fit internal bushes? I don't know why Daiwa haven't started pre-bushing their top kits. It's frustrating to have to cut a 16m pole back to a lesser length and sometimes the lost length can be quite considerable.

  • Review by harry May 1, 2014

    i purchased a G20 a couple of months ago at 1200 I got 4 match 3 kits and 3 short 3 kits I elasticated them all with white hydro and Dacron connectors , I did not put a preston rolla pulla in because the interlastic kits , even tho the elastic comes out on a 90 degree andgle it is fine when paired with hydro elastic so don't waste your money! I purchased it then the day later went out on the bank at my local commercial I fished a day ticket lake called piper , I chose a end peg because I know the fish live there and because the wind was blowing into the corner it would be a great spot , I stated fishing at 8m to the right, I was fishing with soft 2mm micros in a kinder pot and a 4mm ringers expander pellets within 10 minutes I had had 3 fish from 3 bites the stiffness and balance of the pole was unbelievable.I fished the same spot for 2hrs catching f1s to 2lb , ide , chub , carp and roach.I had at least 50lb.The swim started to dry up a the bites were becoming slower so I added the extra sections to take me to 14.5m because in the middle of the lake is a sunken island and as f1's like don't like to tip there heads to feed I decided to fish the slope of the sunken island , I plumbed up and it was around 30 inches deep (2 1/2 ft) which is perfect depth for f1s in this weather and conditions , the wind had calmed down a little instead of it being 16 mph winds it was 14mph. so after plumbing my rig up I put a little frenzee kinder pot on the ti of my pole and did the same thing , I put soft micros in and 4mm expander on the hook , after 5mins I was playing a nice carp of around 8lb I decided I would see how the pole behaved and take more time than I needed to land the fish , i broke down the pole at the number 4 section and there was plenty power to land fish on top 4 kits , then i broke down again onto my top 3 kit , i was using a short 3 (shallow kit) the first thing i noticed was the fish surfaced right under my feet , so didn't have to struggle with the landing net pole. i got the fish in and put it in my keepnet whilst shipping out , with ease thanks to the smooth ship finish on No4 upwards sections it was a breeze to ship out. i thought i would try the 16m section so i added it and plumbed up again so this time i was on top of the sunken island. there was a droop in the pole but what pole dosnt droop at 16m it is definitely fishable all day at this length , later on in the day i dropped back to top 3 + 2 sections but i put the short 4 in to stiffen it up a little because when your fishing shallow bites are fast and you need to have a quick response. i had been throwing maggots in for the past 2hrs , i was priming the swim , first cast in i hooked a big f1 before the float even settled :) i then fished for 2 more hours when i weighed in i had 157lb 7oz in 3 keepnets , i wasn't in a match i just was allowed keepnets to test the pole. and see what i got

    thanks for reading and there is a daiwa g20 pole review on Youtube that i made my channel is called MFHQ

    well done daiwa 5 stars

  • Review by aldred1990 Apr 20, 2014

    is it worth buying then because going to get it soon and how dose it handle at 16m

  • Review by Broon Apr 14, 2014

    Fantastic piece of kit. Best in it's class.

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