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Daiwa have taken the AIRITY and improved its performance by making one simple change; it now features the remarkable Diamond Satin slide easy finish. Combined with their Integrated Taping System (ITS) down to the 5th the new AIRITY is simply a dream to handle. The ultra high modulus 100 Ton carbon continues to deliver sharpness and speed with all the strength and power for No16 and No20 elastics. The package too has been adjusted. Now supplied with two spare match top three’s and two match top four’s plus four BBPK1 with No3 sections. Also available is a 13.0m package. Built around the nine sections of 12.7m length it comes supplied with three spare top five match kits, a reversible extension, cupping kit and a holdall
RRP: £4,999.00   Target Price: £2,999.00
Browning Xitan Z12 Revolution   The future is here. Poles will never be the same!
Apart from improvements in materials, pole design has changed very little in more than 100 years. Browning have redesigned the specification for a new generation of poles and solved previous limitations. The result is the new Xitan Z12 Evolution - the first of a new style of high performance, competition poles, purpose designed by Browning. Their Xitan Z9 pole is recognised as one of the best all-rounders on the market with a perfect balance between strength, weight and stiffness. Browning have applied the same well proven nano-carbon technology to the new Z12 Evolution so strength is assured. However, Browning have re-engineered the section lengths to optimise the poles stiffness ...more
RRP: £2,799.00   Target Price: £2,599.00
The new ONE XS continues on from the massive success of the original model. The result of 12 months development between Preston Inovations and Lerc, with the target of creating the most complete ultimate pole. Designed specifically for the UK match angler, thanks to its incredible levels of stiffness and strength. The ONE XS is both lighter and stiffer than the original, which is some feat on its own. However to create the most complete pole, you also need a complete package and what a package you get - a total of 11 kits, including 5 spare top 4 kits plus a short number 4 and a Kup kit! The ONE XS is by far the most complete pole we have ever produced and is sure to become a cult favourite ...more
RRP: £2,999.00   Target Price: £2,499.00
The Xitan Z9 is our flagship pole for 2010 and is without doubt the best pole that we have ever produced. Very stiff, strong and light it is the perfect choice for the expert angler. Extreme rigidity and absence of “bounce” make the pole perfect for fishing shallow and with very short lines. This pole is supplied at 16 metres but during field testing was found to be easily fishable at 17.5 metres. The pole is manufactured using the highest quality carbon cloth available to us. By incorporating our Nano-Carbon technology we have been able to make the Z9 both very strong and very durable; “brittle” sections that break unexpectedly or on even slight impact are a problem of the past! The joint areas have a visible woven overwrap to minimise wear and add further strength ...more
RRP: £2,599.00   Target Price: £1,750.00
Daiwa Air   
It is well recognised that at Diawa we have the best pole an angler can get. However what we have not given you is the best pole that we can make. Our designers have gone 'beyond the book' and taken carbon technology to it's outer limits to create the Daiwa AIR. It's design embraces and internal core of Hyper MSG; a new low resin, high modulus material is exclusive to the AIR. This delivers on two fronts bringing enhanced stiffness for improved recovery and greater buckling strength for stronger walls. Combining this makes its use at extensive lengths an absolute dream. The 13m is simply sublime ...more
RRP: £5,999.00   Target Price: £3,750.00
Maver Competition 481   The 2009 flagship of the stunning Competition range.
Truly sensational! Without doubt the best £2000 pole we have ever produced. The 481 is arguably as stiff at 16m as it is at 13m. Weighing just 629g at 11.5m and a featherweight 891g at 13m. The new flagship of the stunning Competition range has the wall strength needed to be a true all-rounder, suitable for all match fishing situations. This pole looks certain to continue on from the success of the popular Competition 401. The 481 comes supplied with a revolutionary new deluxe style of power kit that is much lighter and stiffer than standard kits. When fishing with a conventional kit, fitted with a heavy hollow elastic, the action of the pole is often spoilt, this new style of power kit combats this problem and helps maintain the original action and rigidity of the pole ...more
RRP: £2,665.00   Target Price: £1,999.00
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Drennan Red Range Carp
1 votes
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  • Review by Hallelujahal Jan 27, 2015
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    Just taken delivery of this new pole. Am impressed so far by its rigidity and wall strength. Not the greatest kit package in the world, a pole cupping kit as an extra to the two top kits would have been nice, Drennan have supplied a pole pot in order to turn one of the top sections into a cupping kit if desired ... [More]  |  [See All Comments]

Middy XZ65
76 votes
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  • Review by Lee Jan 26, 2015
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    I've got to say having just looked at both the xk55 and the xz65 they are both fantastic value for money, I wish I had the confidence in middy as a company to ensure supply of spare sections ect.. If this pole had daiwa graphics it would be at least a thousand pounds dearer and worth every penny of it too, I thought long and hard about this review and wether or not to do it but it's usefully feedback I suppose, don't be in any doubt about the quality of this pole though it was amazing compared to everything I tried upto 2500 pounds and they are much much cheaper?? I didn't buy one but I was close..  [See All Comments]

  • Review by Andy Jan 26, 2015
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    Thanks Nidge, Yeah I've heard about the Tricast kink and the rumour that you get a kink in at least 1 section - It would annoy me too!!! I had been thinking about getting a Pro2 but might take a closer look at a MAP 801 or Tourney Pro instead. Cheers, Andy  [See All Comments]

Daiwa Aqualite Advanced
14 votes
1 2 3 4 5
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Pole Manufacturers
Browning is one of the largest and most successful producers of fishing tackle in Europe. Trading under the Zebco brand their outstanding success stems from the constant efforts to adapt and develop products to meet the anglers needs. Supported by teams of expert anglers, they strive to develop new ideas which are then thoroughly tested in the field. (See Browning Poles)
The Daiwa research and development team combined with a great mix of consultants that includes Will Raison and Bob Roberts, is the key to the ongoing improvements and new designs that form the range of Daiwa poles. Daiwa are also privileged, thanks to their UK factory, to be able to design and make in Britain a broad choice of high quality poles. (See Daiwa Poles)
Drennan International are a well known, long established and well respected, Oxford based, fishing tackle manufacturer. Producing everything from hooks to top-end poles they have been suppliers to the fishing-tackle industry for many years and are perhaps best know for their long-time sponsorship of the Team England international squad, and more recently 5 times world champion, Alan Scotthorne. (See Drennan Poles)
Fox is now the largest privately owned tackle firm in Europe, and currently sells products in 30 countries, including the USA and Russia. Fox International now employs over 100 people, spread across the UK and Europe, including a dedicated on-the-road sales team and a team of leading angling consultants including top-flight anglers from the world of carp fishing. (See Fox Poles)
Garbolino has always been at the cutting edge of pole design, and any new product is thoroughly tested by many top anglers, including match supremo Darren Cox, before it is released onto the market. Garbolino poles have a reputation for quality and value for money and have built up quite a following among anglers across Europe (See Garbolino Poles)
Map poles offer strength, lightness and stiffness, so any model you select you know that it will be totally suited to the job you want it to do. Every pole produced by MAP takes between one and three years of development and are not released until they are all totally satisfied that the stiffness, strength and balance is correct. MAP poles are known for their high level of innovation & features. (See MAP Poles)
Matrix, is a new British tackle brand for match and feeder anglers of all abilities and pleasure anglers who use match styles and methods. The ethos behind Matrix is simple. To design and produce tackle which helps anglers catch more fish. Tackle which meets the needs and demands of modern anglers and how they fish, offers innovative solutions and provides excellent value. (See Matrix Poles)
Maver are probably the most recognisable name in pole fishing. They offer top quality poles at sensible prices and continuously strive to remain at the forefront of modern technology. Their design team are all talented anglers who fish at the highest level, Andy Kinder, Paul Boothby, Jamie Masson and Denis White - to name a few. (See Maver Poles)
Middy International have been in business since 1968 and it is still today a family owned operation. Not many companies can say they have been around when Manchester United won both European cups. Middy have grown into an international business supplying over twenty countries worldwide while remaining totally independently family owned. (See Middy Poles)
Milo are a long-established Italian fishing tackle manufacturer founded by Milo Columbo, a famous Italian International match angler. With a top design team, including England ace Steve Gardner, they have consistently produced top quality poles, and accessories, for over a decade and are highly rated by European anglers. (See Milo Poles)
All Preston products are rigorously field-tested and are not launched until they are totally satisfied that it will not let you down. The new Pulla Kit which fits all Genis poles and incorporates a specifically designed sidewall bush which enables you to grab the elastic at its base, and tighten it to draw the fish towards you and net them quicker. (See Preston Poles)
The Ron Thompson brand is owned by Danish fishing tackle manufacturer Svendsen Sport, one of the largest suppliers of fishing tackle in Europe. From their Copenhagen office they control a distribution network which also includes companies in Sweden, Germany, France, Norway and Great Britain. Svensden are known for their quality products at affordable prices. (See Ron Thompson Poles)
Sensas, for years associated with quality groundbaits, are now producing some excellent poles for commercial carp fishing as well as poles more suited to canals and rivers. Top international anglers like Will Raison, and former world chamion Jean Desque, are among the team ensuring only top quality products reach the market. (See Sensas Poles)
Shakespeare poles have been respected for their quality and durability for many years now. Their manufacturing plant at Redditch has recently been upgraded and expanded with installation of new equipment to enable them to provide technologically developed products with one of the largest ranges of affordable quality fishing tackle on the market today. (See Shakespeare Poles)
Shimano have a world wide reputation for engineering excellence and it really shows with Competition Poles where raw materials have to be blended together perfectly for stiffness, lightness and strength. Designed in partnership with 5 times world champ Alan Scotthorne, all Shimano poles have built-in strength combined with the very latest design technology. (See Shimano Poles)
Trabucco boast innovative carbon technology and the development of materials such as Nano fibres, and resins, have combined in an unrivalled mix, that have contributed to the creation an impressive series of Long Poles that are totally unique. Collaboration with Reglass has seen the development of excellent carp and competition poles. (See Trabucco Poles)
Following on from their outstanding success in 2007, a year in which they saw their carbon fibre fishing poles come back to the forefront of the industry. Their new Flagship pole is the TRILOGY COMPETITION, one of the finest poles ever to leave the Tri-Cast factory. Complete with a massive spares package it will satisfy the most demanding match angler. (See Tri-Cast Poles)
Tubertini was founded in 1978 by Gabriel Tubertini and has since developed into one of Europe's' top pole manufacturers. The UK office is based near Enniskillen, Northern Ireland and supplies the Tubertini brand to tackle shops all across the UK and Ireland. The Italian manufacturer is known for its quality products with many top anglers using Tubertini poles. (See Tubertini Poles)

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